About Us

Inspire Yourself. Inspire Your World.

Welcome! We are dedicated to the development and application of inspirational leadership and spiritual intelligence competencies for leaders and individuals who seek to better their lives and to inspire themselves and those around them—to develop their human potential through the expression of qualities such as presence, gratitude, meaning, integrity, joy, egolessness and freedom.

Our work is based on years of academic and applied research, as well as one-one-one work with individuals and leaders, which has resulted in validated instruments for the measurement, application and development of inspirational leadership and spiritual intelligence. These tools have been successfully applied in dozens of for-profit companies and non-profit organizations, with individuals, professionals, and homemakers, as well as with hundreds of leaders at all levels, from CEOs to line managers to sales account executives.

Much has been said about emotional intelligence and its contribution to individual wellbeing and leadership. Spiritual intelligence is an analogous concept which in fact has been shown to be much more significant in explaining and contributing to leadership. By Spiritual Intelligence we mean the ability to apply, express and embody spiritual resources and qualities to enhance daily functioning and wellbeing. Spiritual resources refer to themes from the world’s wisdom traditions related to consciousness, ultimate meaning, the sacred, transcendence and liberation. Other such qualities, in addition to those mentioned above, include truth, relatedness, service, and compassion, to name a few.

If any of this interests you, if you wish to learn more and perhaps develop your spiritual intelligence and/or inspirational leadership, you can take advantage of some of our self-assessment and 360-assessment tools. Please feel free to explore our site and take advantage of our resources, self-assessment and 360-assessment instruments and coaching services.

Thank you for your interest in igniting your soul’s passion to inspire yourself and inspire your world.



Yosi Amram
Chairman & Co-Founder
Luis Gonzaga
Executive Director & Co-Founder